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Contact and miscellaneous

My name is all over here, so send me some mail!
Rich C. Velay

The official site for 

You can contact Winston Hamilton  here...

You can stop by at Ken Guerin's Euopa page [part of a larger home page]

Try out Jason Long's twin sites

[a great resource, especially for the air enthusiasts and armor buffs]

Do you want scads and scads of Europa-related e-mail flooding into your computer? Of course you do! ;)

Get onto the Europa mail list server and join in, on-line, with all of the rest of us obsessed GRD fans!

Simply sendd an e-mail to
the list server
with "subscribe" as the subject,
and include your e-mail address in the body of the message - couldn't be easier!
We are a very friendly bunch - no spam, no flames, and just about anything related to Europa, Glory, the Great War and
WW I and II history is "on topic".  Come join the crowd, you know you want to...

Got a rules question?

Well, that's what I'm here for, and why I make the big bucks! [yeah, sure...] ^_^
But seriously, if you want to have a rules question answered, then send it in to the list server, with "Guru: re [name of game]" in the subject field.  That way I know its for me, and I know its a question, so it gets priority!

Send your questions here

Hey, they even have a web ring for Europa now!
And its growin' all the time. You know what to do...

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