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The Europa Series
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Glory and The Great War


Europa, Glory and the Great War are three series of games, each using a common map and unit scale, each with special rules dealing with the particular campaign being represented.
Europa deals with the European and Mediterranean theatres in WW II, while Glory has as its focus the Pacific theatre in WW II.
The Great War uses a similar game system, with some significant changes, to examine fighting on all fronts in WW I.

For general information on all of these series of games, go here.

This web site is divided up into various pages, each of which deals with a particular game or concept in one or more of the series, click on the named links below to go to the desired page.

Second Front
The ETO/MTO from Jul '43 on

For whom the bell tolls
The Spanish Civil War

War of Resistance
The war in China, '37-'41

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